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Seller Guide

Selling Dubai Property

In order to successfully list your property for sale with us we need copies of:

1. The 1st page of your contract with the property developer stating:
The owner's name
The original purchase price
The completion date
The full property location

If the property is yet to be completed we also need to see the payment schedule.
2. The receipts for the amounts that you have paid to the developer
3. The floor plan for the property
4. If you have completed the property we also need a copy of your completion certificate, and if the property has been registered with the Lands Department we will need a copy of the Title Deed and Site Plan.


Valuing Your Property

When placing a property on the market if you are looking to sell Dubai property you must first decide on the price that you are willing to accept. We have specialised teams which focus on different areas within Dubai so we recommend that you speak with one of our advisers for that particular area to discuss the appropriate selling price for your particular property. They have in depth knowledge of all area`s and these will include all apartments, villas and commercial properties.

Re-Sale Terms

The terms and conditions applied for re-sale differ from developer to developer. We recommend you contact your developer for confirmation.


On selling your property, an appointment needs to be arranged with the developer to sign transfer documents, exchange money and pay any fees. This appointment can take up to 3 weeks to set in place and on occasion longer dependent on the agreement between the seller and purchaser.

Where you are unable to be present at this meeting we can arrange to complete the transfer on your behalf under a power of attorney. Please also see Transfer Fee Guidelines section.

If you are still unsure on any of the above information feel free to contact us to discuss selling Dubai property, we have buyers and investors looking to purchase apartments, villas and offices today all over U.A.E.